About us

Our Vision

We safeguard your vision is our slogan. As your business expands as a representative office or new venture setup in Vietnam market, there are uncertainties about the legal procedures, risks of allocate resources, and lack of market data. We have assembled a dynamic, professional team and powerful informatics network to consult and offer the whole solutions for every business.

We prove every day that we deliver all-in-one solutions for our clients by anticipating changes, identifying opportunities, managing information and advising the optimum solutions – as our name intelligent solution is A committed partner is always there, at I-Solutions. Our company  is commitment to sustainably provide intelligent solutions and great solutions to ensure your vision, objective and goals are achieved.

Company Profile

I-Solutions is ‘one-stop company’ that is providing excellence in consulting solutions for all sizes of your business. We are also well known for its outcome market research solutions, legal procedures completion, financial solutions, business process improvements, HR Consultancies, Construction Investment & Trading and other solutions to industry.

The company has created a unique working culture from a word wide community of executive managers, professionals, officers, committed partners and strategic alliances combining expertise in process, technology and people. Our current partners highly regarded our solutions as professional sustainability.

Your partner is I- Solutions:

  • The only company in Vietnam provided all solutions to your business growth
  • Delivering innovative solutions across all industry sectors
  • With professionally expertise in brokerage, financial solutions, market research, consultingand special products
  • The “i-solutions” to your business

I-Solutions Vietnam is proud of its people, whose professionalism assure solutions excellence that meet and even exceed the most complex requirements of clients. At I-Solutions, customer always comes first. We start with you – to understand your vision, your missions and goals and we build a team to partner with you – with our solutions.

Creatively i-solutions to help our clients build up business is the most important to us.
We deliver you the solutions, not mere a product.

Our Business Lines

Whether your organization is public or private, multinational, middle market or entrepreneurial, we have people and expertise to safeguard your vision.

Detailed range of solutions includes but not limited to:

  1. Business License Solutions
  2. Virtual Office Solutions (I-Office)
  3. Market Research
  4. Real Estates Agencies and Investment Trading Solutions
  5. Financial Solutions
    • Merge & Acquisition Solutions
    • Fund Raising Solutions
    • Due Diligence Solutions
    • Financial Investment Solutions
  6. Human Resources Solutions
  7. Infrastructure and Technology Solutions
  8. Business Process Improvements

Our Team

As your adviser, I-Solutions’s professionals can help you identify, evaluate and provide a best solutions that you require to start your business or expand your current company. Our experts use in-depth knowledge and experience to help you benchmark your time and mitigate your risks in new venture or representative office startup. We work with you to understand your business and objectives, and then we match our capabilities to deliver integrated, custom and “most i” solutions that respond to your most pressing issues.

  1. Business License solutions: Our professional lawyers with several years of experiences are next to your sides. We represent you and safeguard your vision.
  2. Virtual Office Solutions (I-Office): High-edge technologies are embedded to I-Office Solutions with the in-depth experiences in IT industry from top management. We bring you the best solution for any office solutions .
  3. Market Research: Our associates are from wellknown Market Research Agencies in Vietnam that turn your demand to most specific statistical data.
  4. Real Estate Agencies and Investment Trading Solutions: Our partners are from many huge investment owners and representatives, to merge your goals with your talent investment .
  5. Financial Solutions: Our financial team possessing ACCA qualifications and have been working for several years in Financial Consulting sectors.
  6. Human Resources Supplying: Our partners are from famous HR Solutions and Solutions in Vietnam that turn your worst headaches to the most satisfactory resources.
  7. Infrastructure and Technologies Solutions: Our IT (ERP and hardware supports) and Telecommunication Solutions are targeted to suit every size of business. We have the hard-working IT&Telecom professionals that listen to your very smallest details.
  8. Business Process Improvements Solutions: Our supervisors, most coming from overseas, stay in your solutions to restructure all the weaknesses in your business. With creating the greatest customer competitive advantages in mind, we are not only point out
    the fatal flaws, but also offers the solutions to make differences.
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